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Thinking of manufacturing in Turkey? S

Salkim is your partner for fashion production. After 22 years, and quite a few changes people continue to the business with and trust Salkim Fashion Production because we value hard work, serving people well and being honest. We understand how important…

We offer ethical production from our own factory and a unique connection with Turkey's most skilled artisans and craftsmen. Not only can we skillfully produce the standard items (t-shirts, denim, dresses, swimwear, activewear, mens wear etc) with high quality materials at great prices we also create unique products that require rare materials and craftsmanship.

Turkey today is a hot spot of creativity and an important manufacturing hub. With Salkim designers can have their creations produced to the highest quality standards at an economic advantage not found anywhere else in the world.

Turkey s manufacturers also cater to small production runs allowing for exclusivity in the market. It’s no wonder that Turkey now attracts some of the most talented and gifted fashion designers from all over the world

Every designer needs the skills and support of a reliable manufacturer if they wish to succeed

Finding these factories can be a challenge, we have a huge network of quality manufacturers and suppliers who can produce almost anything you can dream up. Clothing, jewellery, shoes, hats, dying, printing and merchandising. We can help you get it made.

Our team has the knowledge skills and network to turn your vision into reality.


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